Ascension Training – CrossFit Epsom : Where Fitness Meets Friendship

CrossFit Epsom foster a great community spirit.

In the heart of Epsom lies a thriving gym that transcends the ordinary realm of fitness. More than just a gym, Ascension Training – CrossFit Epsom has become a vibrant community where sweat, strength, and social connections meet to create an environment unlike any other gym in the area. Beyond workouts and routines, this place has evolved into a sanctuary where like-minded individuals converge not just to exercise, but to build lasting friendships and embrace a shared passion for wellness.

CrossFit Epsom foster a great community spirit.

At Ascension Training – CrossFit Epsom, the emphasis extends far beyond the sound of weights dropping and the noise of intense workouts, here, it is the community that is our primary focus. The vision of the team here was never to solely about building a place for physical exertion; but about creating a home from home and a place for those seeking friendship, support, and a sense of belonging while on their fitness journey.

The cornerstone of this community-driven ethos is the belief that exercising isn’t just a solitary pursuit; it’s an opportunity to bond, inspire, and grow together, cheering each other on, encouraging those personal bests, and keeping spirits high. Stepping inside this Epsom Gym, new members repeatedly tell us about the immediate welcoming smiles from fellow members and coaches, and being quickly embraced into the community and made to feel among friends. From the first workout you will feel the support from all those around you and you will be hooked!

Why Join Ascension Training – CrossFit Epsom?

Ascension Training – CrossFit Epsom isn’t just a place to sweat. Beyond the workouts, members find themselves engaging in impromptu conversations, don’t think that you will be headed home straight after the workout, you will find yourself staying long after the class has finished to chat with other members, catch up, and bond over the shared workout experience. We also strongly encourage networking, or collaborating on projects, with a designated work space and recommended businesses board. The atmosphere isn’t just about fitness; it’s about fostering connections.

The space has been designed to encourage members to stay after class and utilise all the facilities available. The cosy workspace area offers a haven for members to unwind, chat, or even work remotely, with sofas to relax, desks to work, and even library lamps where you can charge your phone, and don’t forget the free WiFi. So after your workout, take a shower on-site, grab your coffee at the coffee shop, and settle in with your laptop for the afternoon – whoever said work from home had to be done at home.

So, who is welcome at Ascension Training – CrossFit Epsom? From seasoned athletes to newcomers taking their first steps into the fitness world, everyone has their place within this inclusive community. With kids & teens classes, over 60’s and adaptive training available, everyone really is welcome. Whatever your level of fitness or sports background, we will help you hone the skills of CrossFit.

In conclusion, this Epsom Gym isn’t just a place where muscles are built; it’s a haven where connections are formed, friendships flourish, and lives are enriched. It’s more than a gym—it’s a sanctuary where fitness and friendship meet to create an environment that inspires, motivates, and transforms lives. Here, in the heart of Epsom, lies a testament to the power of community—a place where like-minded souls gather to uplift each other, one squat, one fist bump, and one shared moment at a time.

We hope that you will consider joining us to find your community in Epsom, and in achieving your fitness goals and working towards a happier and healthier you. Drop in to find out more about us, or take a look at our Instagram page to get a better feel for us.

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