All Walks Of Life (AWOL) Adaptive Training

Throughout our lives we may find ourselves needing a little extra support with our exercise. Our AWOL CrossFit Programme is designed for those with specific or long-term health conditions, as well as the over 60s. The specialised classes include adjusted movements and workouts designed to help improve your quality of life outside the gym. Incorporating strength training, with cardiovascular training in fun workouts that push you to challenge yourself. Our expert and experienced Coaches listen to the needs of the individual, tailoring the movements as required to provide you with comprehensive adaptive training.

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Staying active through illness or as we get older is vital. Not only can it help speed recovery or retain independence, but it can also improve your mental and emotional well-being during a difficult time. Most importantly the AWOL Programme is an opportunity to have fun, meet like-minded people and find a new support system dedicated to helping you.

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Our Adaptive Training Programme offers

CrossFit Epsom offers adaptive training for injured members.

Enjoy life

Why reduce expectations of life during illness? Why grow old gracefully? Why not see what you’re capable of?

CrossFit Epsom offer adaptive training for members recovering from illness.

Fit for life

Build and maintain fitness for life – develop the strength and fitness to pick up your grandchildren, fight your illness, walk up/downstairs, carry your shopping, and reach down for your golf ball. You’ll also discover that there is so much more you can do.


Classes are programmed for the body during challenging periods of life, but also individualised for those who can push their boundaries or need to scale back further.

Holistic results

With the help of our expert Coaches and our friendly and supportive members, you can become fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

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